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HCM Technology Strategic Consulting

Human capital management information usually provides a foundation and basis of data which is leveraged in other functional components such as Finance, Controlling, Projects, Plant Maintenance, Workflow as examples.

Coeus has a detailed understanding of the integration complexities with the various key functional areas which will ensure a smooth seamless flow and alignment with strategic objectives for your HCM and talent management technology initiatives.

Coeus has premium consultants who have a strong technological background and a thorough understanding of human capital management business. Our team collaborates with partners and customers to help with their human capital management HRIT strategies.

Our HR Technology Strategy Services will help you create a holistic plan for executing your HCM and talent management technology initiatives.

SAP and Success Factors Hybrid Integration

Our team has been involved with SAP Labs and Success Factors since the Success Factor acquisition and worked closely with the development of rapid deployment solutions for integrating SuccessFactors cloud technologies with SAP ERP HCM on premise. For customers who already have an SAP ERP HCM on premise system and who purchase SuccessFactors in the cloud, we can help customers build the best hybrid integration model to maximize the return of their HRIT investment.

Our hybrid integration services will help you design, develop and implement an efficient and effective integration solution between your SAP ERP on premise and SuccessFactors. We are experienced in the latest hybrid developments and integration offerings/solutions and can help customers to deploy a seamless and streamlined process between the two systems.

SAP and Success Factors Data Migration

Coeus Consulting has been involved with SAP Labs and SuccessFactors to build a rapid migration data solution for migrating data: 1) from your current legacy system to SAP ERP on premise; 2) from your current legacy system to SuccessFactors; or 3) from SAP ERP HCM to SuccessFactors. Our team brings a powerful combination of methodology, functional knowledge, technical know-how and consulting expertise to deliver proven success for your organization’s end to end data migration solution.

We will help your company ensure that the quality of your data is improved as you move from one system to another and the Coeus team will work with your organization to manage the project, assess the data and understand the applicable business rules, thus ensuring that you “get your data right” from the start and help your company implement a trustworthy, effective, and streamlined data migration solution.

Accelerated implementation using SAP Best Practices for HCM

For most companies, HR activities are mostly operational and as the company grows there is demand to develop the strategic human capital management capabilities so effective company decisions can be realized. One of the first and important tools to empower the HR organization is to implement a common technological HCM platform. To be competitive in today’s market most companies use SAP as their main ERP provider, so naturally SAP would also be the choice for HCM.

To help fast track and to avoid running over budget and over time, Coeus Consulting excels at implementing the SAP Best Practices for HCM which will accelerate your project implementation. We have worked closely with SAP to design and develop the SAP Best Practices for HCM which allows us to have the advantage of holding an in-depth understanding of the package at hand.

Core Workforce Administration

For most companies a common HR platform is non-existent and is often in the form of a spreadsheet. Our company specializes in standardizing the core HCM components such as organizational management, employee administration, time administration, benefits and payroll administration. Our HCM experts can help you improve your HCM Workforce Administration through our superior knowledge of HCM best practice, process innovations such as knowledge management tools, e-HR portals and self-service applications.

By driving towards a common platform, personnel information can support effective organizational decision-making and help meet strategic people company goals. We can transform your Workforce Administration into harmonized, automated and highly efficient processes that support key management decisions.

Global HCM Workforce Best Practices

In today’s economy most companies are expanding to find new markets in the international place. One of the major challenges most companies face is building the proper foundation of being able to manage and support the international employee populations in multiple countries. They are often faced with the lack of understanding in HR compliance, strict employee data privacy laws, HR legal laws and policies in each country,
Coeus specializes in global HCM best practice solutions and with our unique insight we help our customers to build a common global HCM platform across international boundaries whilst taking into account the special country localization requirements.

Global HCM Compliance and Security best practices

An important factor often overlooked when implementing a global HCM platform is the design of employee data privacy laws and security measures that can easily be transitioned into technological definitions.

Coeus Consulting has global expertise and is well versed in the ever-changing employee global data privacy requirements and deliver best practice tools that can assist companies to safely protect their most sensitive company workforce information.