HCM Complete

Coeus HCM Complete solutions offer the following:

Core HCM process areas:

  • Full integration of HCM with SAP financials application
  • Full suite of Personnel Administration actions (hire, rehire, separation, etc.)
  • Full Time Management capabilities (time tracking, evaluation, integration with payroll)**
  • Full Payroll capabilities (gross to net, outsourced)**
  • Full Benefits Management**
  • Standard and custom reporting capabilities (SAP standard delivered reports, enhanced ad hoc queries)

**Valid for select Coeus HCM Complete packages

Investment security

  • A solution that grows with your business
  • A robust and secure solution
  • Avoidance of costly future migrations

Rapid, cost-effective implementation

  • Fixed-scope approach
  • Out-of-the-box solutions based on industry best practices and templates
  • Significant return on investment

Unparalleled adaptability

  • Preconfigured cross-industry solutions for maximum fit and minimal customization
  • Solutions that can be extended and changed using the unparalleled power of the SAP Business Suite family of business solutions

Proven Value – Within Your Budget

Preconfigured Coeus HCM Complete packages help you to col¬laborate seamlessly with employees, partners, customers, and suppliers across enterprise boundaries. These packages also inte¬grate users, processes, and data within your Human Resources organization and beyond, creating improved efficiencies. And a qualified Coeus HCM Complete solution empowers your users by delivering the access, information, applications, and services they need to do their jobs while helping the organization grow and succeed. You can count on the following benefits:

Rapid Return on Investment
Qualified Coeus HCM Complete solutions are installed using rapid implementation techniques that can reduce costs by more than 50% over traditional approaches. And the solutions’ scalability means that you invest only once – even as your organization changes and grows.

Enhanced Productivity and Cost Control
The out-of-the-box functionality of Coeus HCM Complete solutions allows users more effectively manage Human Resources processes and other related business processes. This flexibility generates new efficiencies across your organization by eliminating costly, manual processes.

Out-of-the-Box Industry Functionality
Preconfigured, powerful HCM functionality makes the most labor-intensive or time-intensive Human resources processes easy to implement and execute. Best of all, you don’t need to buy special software to generate a fully functioning HCM system.

Reliable Performance from Qualified Partners
Coeus HCM Complete solutions are created and delivered by qualified “Complete” Consultants with deep expertise within HCM and SAP HCM Best Practices. They build solutions that provide the reliable perfor¬mance your organization needs to grow profitably. These consultants utilize standardized business processes, documentation, and report to meet your needs. To achieve qualification status, Coeus Consulting has demonstrated extensive industry experience and the ability to deploy solutions – and that means you benefit from a validated solution delivered by a highly skilled implementation partner.